March 8, 2016

Let me start by saying that I am one of the most difficult people to please. I have very high expectations and there are very few who can meet those or even come close to it. Ruth proved to me that there are still good ones out there. Ruth is an extremely dedicated, responsive, intelligent, and professional. She exceeded my expectations at every turn. Every bump that came down the road (and none of those bumps were in her control), she hammered down fiercely and quickly to ensure the least amount of discomfort for me and my family. She takes her job very seriously and I felt that I had her clearing the path and knocking down obstacles the entire way. Not only was she taking care of everything for me, but also our buyer’s realtor (and doing her job) because our buyer’s real estate agent was incompetent. I recommend Ruth to anyone who wants the BEST!! Not only did I hire her for my own home sell/home purchase, but I also would recommend her for my client relocations since I am in Human Recourses and relocate clients regularly. She is the only one I trust now and I wouldn’t dare use anyone else. She is stellar!