Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth!

Preparing To Sell

Are you eager to get your home on the market? We are ready and eager to help!
Before we jump in with both feet, a little “pre-listing preparation” will go a long way in setting the stage for a successful outcome.
The helpful tips below will get you well on your way to selling your home and selling it for the highest price possible!


A bit of elbow grease goes a long way! Turn your home into your Buyer's dream home!


Clear counter tops, organize drawers, eliminate excess in closets, remove clutter, make it look like a model home! For items being left with the home ie. furnace, appliances, etc., hunt down those warranties, guarantees and user manuals.


A clean and organized home is the sign of a well-kept home and what every buyer desires


Clean everything! The sign of a well-kept home is a clean and organized one. Clean doors, walls, carpets, windows, outdoor living areas, light fixtures, baseboards, etc. Your home will look and smell so much better – buyers are sure to appreciate your hard work!

Get Estimates

Finding out replacement costs ahead of time saves more time in the long run


Old and tired appliances? Oven taking too long to heat up? If you aren’t replacing them, now is the time to find out the replacement costs for these items. This will not only be informative for buyers but may also assist you in negotiations down the road.

Create Appeal

Almost nothing say welcome home quite like a beautiful home exterior


Keep in mind that this will be the buyer’s first impression. Make it a good one! Sweep porches, trim grass, manicure the landscape, put out a pretty flower pot. Make the buyer eager to go inside.

Lighten Up!

Welcome potential buyers into your well-lit, inviting home


Light can really open up a room and make it more inviting. Make sure fixture are clean and that all of your light bulbs are in working order and provide nice lighting. Don’t forget exterior lighting if the time of day calls for it.

Create Space

We know how much you lover your decor, but buyers may not be feeling it!


A timeless phrase and oh so true! Too much furniture can really shrink a room. People like space – create space in your home by removing some of your furniture and treasured knick-knacks.